Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Silent Killers, Part 1: Excitotoxins

Sadly, the Silent Killers have to be discussed in parts due to there being so many of them. 

The first that we will cover is the excitotoxin.  While very small amounts of these agents occur naturally within the body, triggering your natural reward system, in larger and more concentrated amounts these excitotoxins can cause a host of neurological problems, medical issues, mental illness, and even death as we each absorb things differently. 

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EXCITOTOXINS:  The Taste That Kills
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The following videos are loaded with shocking truths.  Truths that the FDA did not want Americans to know.  Some conspiracy theorists assert that the addition of excitotoxins into our foods is part of an elaborate plan devised by the U.N. and the elitists who run the world to accomplish two principal objectives.

  1. The dumbing down of society making us easier to govern if the majority has a lower IQ after years of toxic consumption leaving few left with a high IQ to figure it all out.
  2. The reduction of the world population by 80%.

Dr. Mercola

If the conspiracy theorists are correct, then the contamination of the U.S. food supply was carried out in hopes that most would expire and those who remain would be more pliable, easier to govern, and too stupid to resist even the most objectionable legislation.

So, let's start with the average American fast food meal, which usually consists of a "meal deal" of sorts.  We have a burger, fries, and a soft drink.  Given the U.S. consumes over 4 billion gallons of diet soda annually, we will discuss artificial sweeteners along with high fructose corn syrup.

This next video addresses glutamic (MSG) and aspartic (aspartame) acids in your meal.  The MSG will be found in your burger's components and your fries, along with other chemicals that we'll discuss in Part Two.  The aspartame cocktail is, of course, your diet soda.  (See the video after the 3-part series on aspartame for a quick look at high fructose corn syrup if you drink regular soda).

Aspartame deserves an in-depth look having 92 documented side effects including brain lesions and tumors.  I encourage to view these three videos and drop your diet soda like yesterday's flat one.

Part I
Part 2
Part 3 

Now, on to a discussion of high fructose corn syrup!

The High Fructose Corn Syrup Conspiracy -

So, how do we fight back? 

  1. Stay away from GMO foods, high fructose corn syrup, chemical cocktails (additives), and artificial sweeteners.  Make better choices.  Read nutritional and ingredient labels before you buy! 
  2. Opt for better alternatives to sugar like Stevia extract, which is plant derived.  If you opt for sugar, make sure it says CANE SUGAR on the label.  If not, you're just purchasing corn syrup solids or crystals made to appear like granulated sugar.  Either real cane sugar or stevia is best. 
  3. Get your BRAIN POWER back!  Check out Dr. Mercola's 7 Surefire Ways to Get Back Your Brain Power. 
  4. Do not fall back into bad habits.  Just because MSG-laced foods taste good and diet soda has always been your crutch doesn't mean it will kill you any softer or be kinder as it dumbs you down.  Seriously.

Dr. Mercola, 7 Surefire Ways to Get Your Brain Power Back!

 Folks, it's time to take our right to wholesome foods back.  After this eye-opening bit of research, I feel sort of dumb.  Is it okay that the government is partly to blame for that?  Or am I without excuse again?  LOL :)

Be blessed (and don't be fooled)!

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