Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Waiting on Springtime

The woodland and pastures of Brookhill lie dormant waiting for that next burst of sunshine.  Walking the upper tract this morning, the tender green shoots below the bleached grass covering told of a long kept promise by the Creator.  Spring will come!  Life is just waiting for the okay from heaven.

This week, we said goodbye to our four roosters.  The hens seem much happier without them and they were not the roosters that we really wanted for breeding.  They went to a very good home.  Meanwhile, Richard and I are keeping our eyes peeled for a Colombian Wyandotte rooster.  If you know of anyone local who might have one, please drop a line to us.

The Colombian Wyandotte pullets that we got from a lovely couple in Harrodsburg are growing so fast!  This week, two tiny eggs appeared from them.  It is hard to believe they are coming into lay. they are giving us beautiful little pullet eggs that will become gorgeous large eggs before we know it.

The lake has a mottled glass block style surface this morning, evidence of thaw.  Feeding the fish is something Richard loves to do each morning.  When we can get a pole in the water, there will be catfish in the pan!  The lake at the bottom of the property has one distinguished resident:  an albino catfish that weighs around 15 pounds!  I've only seen the fish twice and was amazed at his size.

The weather is crisp and unforgiving cold but Spring is on its way.  My garden books are here.  More catalogs arrived today to entice me to plant a million lush posies about the farm.  My heirloom seed catalog is also here for vegetable garden planning.  A high functioning yet gorgeous garden is my goal.

Vegetable gardens are necessary but never pretty.  Most gardeners tell that it took about three years for them to get the look that they wanted.  Patience is not really a virtue of mine but the goal for year one is to have a decent outline to build upon year over year.  Pathways, raised bedding, and some containers may factor into the end design.  We were too late in the season for Fall planting but the portable greenhouse structure reserved for that will have hot house tomatoes and other heat loving veggies in it this year.  After that harvest is done, we will be busy putting together our Fall/Winter planting to harvest throughout the cold season.

A garden should work for the gardener through the years.  Don't stop gardening because you cannot bend any longer.  Bring the garden to you!  I will be using a few techniques to ensure that I can reach all my plants for many years while building something that also looks good in and out of season.  Plans from Spring 2014 extend to Spring 2015 with four season harvesting the end goal.  With any luck and a bit of sunshine, I should need very little from the market by summertime.

Do you have any great gardening ideas?  I would appreciate you posting them here.  I've always worked in other people's gardens.  Spring 2014 will be my very own and I'm anxious to get my hands in the dirt.

God bless!



  1. When I was a child, I lived on a farm. I wish we had never moved away.

    1. Now that I am here, I can't imagine living anywhere else.