Thursday, September 12, 2013

A New Beginning: Brookhill Farm of Ghent, Kentucky


It's been a long journey but we found the perfect farm for us.  We closed on a fantastic property consisting of 130 acres of rolling hills and pasture, two stocked fishing lakes, fruit and nut trees, vegetable plots, and two grape arbors.  The farm rests on the county line between Gallatin and Carroll counties in Kentucky making it convenient to Louisville and Cincinnati.

The woodland is abundant with first, second, and third growth trees making a lovely home for white tail deer and wild turkey.  This woodland also provides lovely shade and repose for the pigs that we will be rearing.  The lush pasture is perfect for rearing sheep, cattle, broilers, and this same salad bar is perfect for laying hens.

This is an ideal habitat for sustainable living and farming.  We are honored to own it and continue the management of this already well maintained property.  The previous owner was comforted in knowing that his farm would not become a real estate development.  It will remain a farm for future generations.

According to title search, this land first belonged to George Rice and is referenced in his will dated 1822.  Records indicate and locals estimate this farm dates to 1810 or earlier.  His family farmed it for generations until it was sold to the O'Neal family then to the Griffin family.  The previous owner, Flannery, sold it to us.  We look forward to working through the Winter in preparation for Spring.  Our small beef herd and chickens have a new home.  We are adding other animals this Spring and planting our garden.

I will be blogging about what's going on at Brookhill Farm as time allows.  We hope you stay tuned!

God bless!

Tina (and Richard) Boutall
Brookhill Farm
Ghent, KY


  1. Congratulations! That is a beautiful farm. May you and Richard enjoy a long, happy life on your new farm.

    1. Thanks, Darlene. We are really excited. I haven't slept a wink!

    2. I can imagine! I grew up on a farm and, had my parents not moved to FL when I was 10, I would have happily spent my life there.

    3. My hope is to end my days on this farm. We've moved so much the last three years due to his immigration. I never want to move again.

  2. what a beautiful Farm. I am so very happy and excited for you both!!

    1. We went up today with a cattle trailer full of essentials before the moving truck arrives. Time to pull picture nails, fill holes, and paint the inside! We'll have our furniture on 9/24. :)