Sunday, January 26, 2014

Uncommonly Cold Cackling

Kentucky is having winter lows of record and more snow than is usual for this region and time of year.  Of course, we are not the only state suffering the wrath of the polar vortex.  We generally expect ice storms in February that provide treacherous driving conditions.  What snow that generally falls before the February ice storms melts within 48 hours of its arrival.  A day of biting cold can happen; however, the odd bit about this polar vortex is the weather lingers.  The snow is hanging around, needs shoveled, but on the upside your snowman will last awhile.

Thankfully, the animals are doing quite well.  I was a bit concerned for the cattle.  Then, Richard reminded me that cattle are left out in Canada in temperatures of -40 and -60 C with no harm done.  My tendency to make every animal a pet of sorts must amuse him.  Long before humans decided to keep and tend animals, these beasts roamed the open land and did quite well without us.  My worry wart needs some 'Compound W' and I'll be fine!

Egg production is steadily increasing despite the harsh weather.  I am thankful that the temperatures have not hampered them.  In the off periods when Richard is unable to check, I collect eggs too.  To date, I have not been pecked.  Richard gets pecked quite often.  This has me wondering if I have a beginner's edge.  Could the big peck come soon and I'll need a Band-Aid?  I try to speak as softly as I can when I approach the nest box speaking words of love and concern before I place my hand under the hen.  Except for the odd one, they raise up for me to show their work (or lack thereof).  When I find no egg, I remove my hand and give her some peace.

The ewes are healthy.  Several resemble wheel barrows.  Number 94 is definitely having twins.  If not, we'll have a time extracting the two beach balls that she swallowed.  She's docile and loves to be petted.  In close competition for soppy pet like characteristics with number 75, I wonder how much of this 'petness' they'll retain when they become mothers.  A ewe can reject her lamb; though it seems unfathomable to me.  No one considers orphaned lambs really but I do hope that our flock is the mothering type.  It is no chore to bottle feed a baby lamb when they are the cutest creatures on Earth.  It's always best for the mother to accept them, of course.  I am praying that none are orphaned.

I hope that your world is warmer than ours tonight and tomorrow brings sunshine and happy thoughts.  In the coming weeks, I will be traveling.  Spring planning commences when I return.  Diagramming the garden for this season and future planning is one task that I will enjoy.  I will also post a list of what we've planted in the vegetable garden and plans for the flower garden when it is finalized.

Stay warm and purpose each day to find peace in your heart.

With Love from Brookhill

Mrs. B.

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